Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First Quarter Plans


1. Back to work, overtime for two hours everyday. Jog around High Street after.
2. Buy sneakers. It's been ten years since I had my last pair. A testament to my couch potato-ness.
3. Climb another mountain with officemates. I love the outdoors when it's not rainy and muddy. Either Jan or Feb
4. Avoid binge eating.
5. Fix papers for government ID replacement cards/company health card.
6. Hepri's bday
7. Igi's bday
8. Buy a weekender, sando
9. Start loosing beer belly.
10. Moderate my drinking.
11. Find out when's the schedule for PDA Season 3 auditions.


1. Bro's bday
2. Ton's bday
3. Climb another mountain with officemates.
4. Overtime. Overtime. Overtime.
5. Expected annual salary appraisal.
6. Watch Dresden Files.


1. Mah bday. No bday celebration. Do charity.
2. Rachelle's bday
3. Ryan's bday
4. Khey's bday
5. Alwyn's bday
6. Apply for a credit card
7. Prepare for summer


MakMak said...

So sa second quarter pa ako ng 2009 papasok sa plano mo? LOLs.

Happy New Year!

Spanky Solomon said...

You're not part of the plan coz, I'm always there in a heartbeat...naks!!! hahaha